Course Schedule

Pre-travel Lectures
1April 15Introduction to public health system in China: the past, present and future, lecture by Dr. Hong.
2April 25Orientation to Chinese culture, lecture by faculty of TAMU Confucius Institute
In China
1May 16Departure early morning from Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport, en route to China.
2May 17Arrive in Shanghai in evening, NJMU will pick up students from airport, and will arrive in Nanjing at around 11:30pm, check in hotel.
3May 18AM: Orientation, meeting and discussion with NJMU faculty and students.

PM: Bus to NJMU Jiang-Ning Campus and site visit of NJMU and Nanjing City. Take Metro bus back to Wu-Tai Campus.

EV: Welcome dinner with NJMU faculty & students.
4May 19AM: Visit Sun Yet Sen National Cemetery, Sun is the founder of modern China and founder of the Republic of China.

PM: Visit Xiao Tomb of Ming Dynasty, understand Chinese history and how history shapes current political and social system.

EV: Visit the ancient Qin-Huai River, its music and surrounding architecture, appreciate the rich history and cultural tradition of Nanjing.
5May 20AM: Guest lecture by NJMU faculty on public chealth in China .

PM: Visit NJMU affiliated Nanjing Children’s Hospital, guest lecture by faculty of Children’s Hospital.
6May 21AM: Visit NJMU affiliated Nanjing Women’s Hospital, guest lecture by faculty of Women’s Hospital.

PM: Visit Confucius Temple, understand Chinese culture on education and health.
7May 22AM: Visit rural clinics or county-level maternal health clinic, guest lecture by district level or county-level CDC staff or “barefoot doctors”.

PM: Visit a community clinic
8May 23AM: Visit Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, guest lecture by NJMU faculty, understand how ideology of traditional medicine shapes Chinese people’s health behavior.

PM: Visit an elementary school/kindergarten in Nanjing, take part in class activities. Understand how new generations of Chinese have adopted new lifestyles that might change their health outcomes.

EV: Discussion with NJMU faculty and students, good bye to Nanjing.
9May 24AM: Take bus to Wuxi—a typical city in Jiangsu Province, Visit Wuxi CDC.

PM: Visit Wuxi manufacturing district and a family-owned factory, guest lecture by a factory manager, understand how economic booming has created new social classes.

EV: Stay in Wuxi
10May 25AM: Take bus/train to Shanghai.

PM: visit Shanghai Minhang Hospital, one of the first private hospitals in China, and understand the new trend of healthcare marketization and privatization in China.
11May 26AM: Visit Pudong, the financial center of China.

PM: Visit a finance/mutual fund company in Pudong and understand how international exchanges have transformed contemporary China. Guest lectures by local business leaders.
12May 27AM-PM: Visit Shanghai Bund, the former Shanghai international settlement (dated back to First Opium War), understand history of international trade, invasion of foreign diseases and beginning of public health response system in China.

EV: Take train from Shanghai to Beijing.
13May 28AM: Visit The Forbidden City.

PM: Visit The Tian’an’men Square (the symbol of power center of Chinese government) and Cemetery of Mao Ze Dong (Mao was the founder of People’s Republic of China).

EV: Visit Senior Community Center and “Hutong” (historical alleys), guest lecture by a local community leader.
14May 29AM & PM: Visit the Great Wall, understand the 2000-year history of the Great Wall across more than 20 dynasties.

EV: On-site visit of Chaoyang District, Center of Business Development, group discussion.
15May 30AM: Visit Royal Summer Palace, the emperor residence of Qing Dynasty.

PM & evening: The Olympic Buildings, Bird Nest and Water Cubic (sites of 2008 Beijing Olympics).

Evening: Class wrap-up and discussion, goodbye to Beijing.
16May 31AM: Departure from Beijing airport and return to US, arrive in Houston in the evening of May 31.
Post-travel Projects
1June 28Final Paper due
2August 7Group project presentation to SRPH