Current Research Projects

2016-2017 TAMU PESCA Grant
The trend of digital divide and health disparities in the US: A longitudinal study of eHealth behaviour and policy in the past decade ($25,000)

We will analyse several large national survey datasets to investigate the trends of eHealth/mHealth behaviours, examine the relationship of the digital divide and health disparities, and to make a recommendation of eHealth policy.
My role: PI

2016-2017  China National Science Foundation
mHealth intervention for people living with HIV/AIDS. PI: Yan Guo (Sun Yet-sen University)
Our international team will develop and evaluate a culturally appropriate and personalised intervention program based on smartphones and social media for HIV medication adherence and side effect management. This is the first mHealth intervention protocol for people living with HIV/AIDS in China.
My role: Co-PI

2016-2020 Southwest Rural Health Research Center ($20,000)
Digital divide and health disparities (2016-2017)
We examined the eHealth/mHealth behaviour of the rural population, the relationship between digital divide and rural-urban health disparities, and how to scale up evidence-based mHealth programs in the rural area.

My role: PI