Digital divide and health disparities

2016-2017 TAMU PESCA Grant
The trend of digital divide and health disparities in the US: A longitudinal study of eHealth behaviour and policy in the past decade ($25,000)
We will analyse several large national survey datasets to investigate the trends of eHealth/mHealth behaviours, examine the relationship of the digital divide and health disparities, and to make a recommendation of eHealth policy.
My role: PI

2016-2020 Southwest Rural Health Research Center ($20,000)
Digital divide and health disparities (2016-2017)
We examined the eHealth/mHealth behaviour of the rural population, the relationship between digital divide and rural-urban health disparities, and how to scale up evidence-based mHealth programs in the rural area.

My role: PI

2015-2016 TAMU-SPH Faculty REDI Grant
Health-related mobile use among patients living with HIV and Diabetes: A comparative Research ($25,000)
We conducted ethnographic interviews with patients with two groups of chronic patients (diabetes and HIV) to examine their current mobile use behaviours and gain in- depth understanding of facilitators and barriers to mobile use for chronic disease self- management.

My role: PI

2010-2011 Texas A&M Prevention Research Center Health Disparities Seed Grant
Bridging the digital divide and health literacy: develop an Internet- and community- based intervention
This project explored digital divide and how it accelerated health disparities.
My role: PI