DateMedia Report
February 16, 2017Texas A&M Receives Funding for Studies on Disparities in Use of Online Health Resources and Antibiotic Contamination in Soils
January 26, 2017Texas A&M Researcher Finds Perceived Social Norm Predicts HIV Behaviors in China
Oct 21, 2016Medical Travel Today. Spotlight: Y. Alicia Hong, Ph.D. associate professor,
Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health.
Oct 5, 2016Fox News. Seniors Still Lagging in Use of Internet Health Resources.
Sept 20, 2016 Reuters. Seniors still lagging in use of internet health resources.
August 31, 2016Texas A&M Research Indicates Digital Health Divide is Narrowing in Older Adults, but Not for All
July 29, 2016International Medical Tourism Journal. Risks for Chinese patients
going US.
May 17, 2016Texas A&M on Challenges in the Rapid Growth of Medical Tourism and Telemedicine
February 11, 2016Texas A&M Innovative Approaches in the Fight against Cancer
November 19, 2015Bloomberg News. Psychiatric Care Group May Tempt China's Anxious Investors.
July 23, 2015Texas A&M Research on Mobile Technology increasing Physical Activity among Senior Cancer Survivors
August 30, 2013 Reuters. Online tools may boost breast cancer patients’ mood.