HPCH 689 mHealth: Mobile technologies for public health

Course Description

In this course, students will learn how mobile technologies are revolutionizing approaches to patient care, point-of-care support for health workers, health education, diagnostics, diseases monitoring and surveillance, and healthcare management. Through case studies, multimedia tutorials, interactive class projects, and guest lectures, students will understand the current mHealth application in public health settings, including mobile technology in health service delivery, online health resources, consumer health informatics, mHealth in surveillance and monitoring, e-research, mHealth ethics and regulations. This course is NOT about designing an app; instead, we’ll focus on existing technologies and low-cost tools. We’ll also go through the process of developing and evaluating an mHealth program. We will present a broad range of perspectives on mHealth in public health settings, including those from governments, private sector, academia, NGOs, and international organizations.

Course Timings

  • Term: Every Fall
  • Location: School of Public Health Administration Building, Room 334
  • Timings: Thursday, 9:35 AM – 12:35 PM

Course Schedule  (tentative)

Week 1: Introduction to mHealth, digital divide and health disparities
Week 2: Telemedicine (guest lecture)
Week 3: EMR and large medical data
Week 4: Health communication in new social media (guest lecture)
Week 5: Consumer mHealth tools
Week 6: Design and evaluate mHealth interventions for underserved populations (guest lecture)
Week 7: Mobile tools in public health surveillance and public health informatics
Week 8: eResearch and evidence-based mHealth research
Week 9: Gamification and its application in health research (guest lecture)
Week 10: User-centered design and usability testing in mHealth programs
Week 11: Federal regulations on mHealth (FAA, FDA, HIPAA) (guest lecture)
Week 12: mHealth in global settings
Week 13: Students project presentation
Week 14: Students project presentation
Week 15: Students project presentation